Q.T. Wellness

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What Do We Do?

At Q.T. Wellness, our goal is to break the stigma that self-care is selfish.

Q.T. Wellness is an organization for LGBTQ2SIA+ youth. We help teens develop a relationship with their mental, physical, and emotional wellness through an accepting community, providing wellness resources, and connecting teens to wellness role models. Our programming is inspired by Jewish Tikkun Olam values.

We believe that: Love is love. Black Lives Matter. Trans Rights are Human Rights. Feminism and Womanism are for everyone. Climate Change is real. Water is life. All Religions, Gender Identities, and Sexual Orientations are valid. And that your voice matters.

We have created an extremely accepting and supportive community with the intention to teach teens how to take care of themselves and others throughout life. As we teach our teens, Self-Wellness is a journey full of twists and turns, ups and downs but we as a community are all right here beside you as you go through them.