About Us

The Q.T. Wellness Experience

At Q.T. Wellness we provide a teen-led space to raise mental health awareness and learn new forms of self-care such as mindfulness practices. Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Social Health are the foundational principles of the Q.T. Wellness program. Due to the global pandemic, until it is safe to meet in person in Los Angeles CA, we will be meeting online. This opens our virtual doors to more than those directly in L.A. for the foreseen future.

Wellness role models help the teens interact with each other. They also lead wellness activities from time to time.

Some examples of our programs are:

Meditation, Yoga, Group Therapy, Art, Music, Creative Writing,, Cyber Safety Experts, Spiritual Wellness, LGBTQ+ History Specialists, and Listening to as well as discussing LGBTQ+ and or Wellness Podcasts.

Our Community Leaders

Clay Davidson


Founder + Program Leader

Marlee Goldshine


LAJTI Mentor (Program Alum)

Sasha Dominguez


Current LAJTI Mentor